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Your Practice Online provides a total solution for the development of your practice's internet strategy.
Website Maintenance

Maintaining an updated and current website will encourage your viewers to come back and visit your site more often.

Your Practice Online offers an Annual Maintenance Plan to budget for any expected maintenance, over the course of a year. The plan also covers any unexpected changes.

Website maintenance can include content edits, such as updating a biography, adding a news item or editing a form.

In order to simplify things, Your Practice Online packages all of the different items required to keep a website up-to-date and running efficiently. This way the client only needs to pay a onetime annual fee to maintain the efficiency as well as ensure regular updates to their website.

The Web Maintenance Plan Includes:

  • Domain Name Renewal – Renewal of your main domain name, if controlled by Your Practice Online.
  • Web Hosting – Hosting of your website and ensuring that the website is accessible round the clock.
  • Multiple Email Accounts – Setting up and hosting of your email accounts, including adding / deleting or editing of email accounts.
  • Help Desk – e-mail Help Desk support to service your request.
  • Minor changes / updates to the site – Keeping the website updated and current is the objective; you could send us unlimited content edits.
  • Web Movie Subscription – The Multimedia Patient Education videos presented by YPO are unique in the entire web market for the quality and information they provide on the different conditions, anatomy, procedures, risks and complications as well as post-op instruction; get all the new videos that we develop at no extra cost.
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO) – SMO is the process of promoting your website or practice through social media channels such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  It is a powerful strategy that will get you clicks, links, attention and targeted traffic; at the same time it is low on cost and easy to maintain. SMO will allow your practice to be viewed by many more people who are searching for information related to your service offerings and maximize your web presence. 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) –
    • Development of keywords that reflect the overall goals of your practice
    • Submission to all major search engines – Submitting your website URL to various search engines for better visibility.
    • Addition of your site to the YPO Showcase –  This alone is a huge part of the Search Engine Optimization process as it adds links to your site, from our other 1000+ sites
    • Inclusion in "Your Practice Online" global directory – This helps in promotion and linking of your website.
  • Website Review & Analysis  – A review including usage reports, search engine performance analysis and website structure/coding reviews
    • Setup of Google Analytics – Allows you to see statistics about the visitors of your website (location, referral source, pages viewed, length of visit, device, etc.)
  • Normal turn around on changes / updates – 24 - 48 hours during the work week.
  • Easy communication – Your website updates are supervised by our support staff that ensures appropriate addition of content.
  • Expertise – Maintenance work is done by experienced web developers and layout artists

Changes to the data structure for dynamic applications or navigation structure of the website or design related changes usually entail a significant amount of work. In such cases we would consider such requests as a separate maintenance or development work order.

Contact us if you would like to know more.