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Your Practice Online provides a total solution for the development of your practice's internet strategy.
Medical Web Development

Your Practice Online provides a total solution for the development of your practice's Internet strategy.

For most of your visitors, your web site will provide the all-important first impression of your practice. If it is clean and professional, chances are they'll stay and look around a bit.

Whether you want to market your practice, educate your patients - or do a little of both - we can help you develop a site that meets your goals. With our focus on health care and a library of animated surgeries, anatomy, medical procedures and disorders to our credit, we are uniquely qualified to put your practice or organisation, in the most comprehensive form, on the World Wide Web.

Creating and maintaining an effective online presence requires careful planning, structured implementation, and a variety of skills in new and unfamiliar disciplines. Your Practice Online blends design, technology and marketing expertise to create a web presence that delivers the results you are looking to receive. Our talented web designers collaborate with our technical group to create a personalized web site that is graphically superior and functionally sound. We will create the "look and feel" that your practice wants to project to the internet world, and will work with you to develop compelling content that will capture your viewer's attention. Before you know it, Your Practice Online will turn your web vision into a reality.

Our Web development service package includes domain name registration, Web hosting, e-mail accounts & e-mail forwarding to existing accounts, registration with all the major search engines, all programming and navigational functionality.

We will help enhance your web presence by constructing an image of success.

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Why Do doctors / Hospitals need a website?

A website has become an integral part of any modern medical practice today. Doctors, Hospitals or any Medical professional in India can no longer afford not to have their own web presence. Just like you need a clinic to practice, a website has become an online address for any practice.

Patients in India too research about their doctors before a visit and the best interface is a website. A patient through the internet would be completely different from your average walk-in patients, they are well read and informed and would be more demanding, but would be patients that know exactly what they want.

Patients who read reviews about a practice online know that you are professional and serious about the services you offer.

You also need to have realistic expectations of what your website can do for you. It would be wrong to say that just having a good website is enough!

Your Practice Online brings its expertise to promote your website so that you could be found when searched for.

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How does it help patients?

Patients are anxious to get information about their illness or treatments, and many will use the internet to find information, it would be better if they rather get the required information on the practice website than get misled by other published articles, this also helps in making the patient comfortable with your practice.

Busy doctors or medical professionals may feel setting up a website is a waste of time, however, every good doctor knows that keeping their patients happy and providing excellent patient education and care is key to their success. A good website provides many value- added services and information for your patients.

It can provide details such as:

  • Practice Work Hours
  • Address, Phone Numbers and directions on how to get to the practice
  • Online appointment requests
  • Answers to commonly asked questions or FAQ's
  • Animation and information on the treatments offered
  • Pres and post-procedure instructions
  • Online Patient Forms, this could shorten wait time at the practice
  • post-procedure instructions

All this and more on a websites helps serve patients round the clock, without requiring them to call or visit, making your website a valuable support or contact centre.

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