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Your Practice Online provides a total solution for the development of your practice's internet strategy.
Frequently Asked Questions
Web Address

Can I / we select our own web address?

YES!! You can select your own web address subjected to a few rules and conditions, your address will be your chosen name ending with .com that is or other extensions like .in,, .org, .net etc.

Your chosen name can be provided subject to availability and in case it is not available we will provide you with a list of choices closest to your original selection.

The name you chose must be registered for your business name. You will be required to give us necessary details, which we will request during the registration process.

Patient Guide

How will new patients find my web site?

You need to promote your website actively. Online promotion usually means registering the site with all the relevant search engines, so people can "find" you. Offline promotion is even more important, and you need to tell everybody about it!

Print the website address (URL) on your business cards and your stationery and display it in your waiting room .We will be registering your address with search engines so that new patients can find you on the web. If required we can provide additional professional marketing advice to encourage your patients to use your website.

Web Traffic

Will I be able to find out how many people visit my site?

Yes, we provide statistical reports of number of visitors, also we provide details like return frequency, etc.

Web Design

How do I obtain photographs for use on my site?

Your website will look most effective when it includes photography of your staff, facilities and equipment. In order for it to look its best we recommend that you use a professional photographer to take these pictures. Your Practice Online uses high-resolution Hewlett-Packard scanners when adapting photos for the web. Image services are available to correct photographs or remove unwanted objects in a picture.

Update Website

How often can I update my website?

As often as you like! The more you do it the better it is as medical science is changing rapidly you would need to keep abreast of the changes and we will be glad to give professional assistance for the same

Can I change my website content on my own?

Yes, Your Practice Online can integrate a popular Content Management System (CMS) like Wordpress or Joomla so that you could edit the content of your website yourself.

Practice Web Site

Do I get an individual website or a group practice website?

A website can be created for a group practice with space and customized options for physicians within the practice. Individual physicians can have their own web address with their own personal web pages to provide their own material.

Email Account

I have an e-mail account with another provider. How do I move my e-mail messages to the Your Practice Online Communications Centre?

You can forward e-mail messages from your old account to your new Your Practice Online Communications Centre e-mail account. Refer to your current Internet Service Provider's documentation for details about forwarding messages. We can arrange to transfer e-mails from your old account.

Domain Web Address

How do .com, .net, and .org differ?

These are the letters that appear at the end of your Web address. The most familiar are .com (commercial entities, such as companies), .net (network administration), and .org (usually but not always used for non-profit organizations and institutions).

Other common domains are .gov, .mil, and .edu. These have specific requirements for registration. Other suffixes are specific to countries, for example .in represents India.

Domain Name Registration

How long does it take to get a Web address after I sign up?

Your Practice Online submits your Web address (domain name) application immediately. You are notified by e-mail if your application is completed. Our Web address search will not show that your web address is available until the registration has been processed. This generally takes lesser than 24 hours, but can take up to 5 business days if there is a problem with your registration.

Renew Domain

Once my Web address is registered, do I need to renew it?

Your registration is for one (1) year. Near the end of the registration period, you will be given a chance to renew it. If you no longer want the address, you may choose not to renew. Same applies to the web space as well.

Custom Logo Design

Can you create a custom logo for my practice that can be used on my site?

Yes. For an additional charge, the Your Practice Online design team can create a custom logo for your practice.

Website Development

How long does it take to build my site once you have my information? Do I get to review my website before your team finishes it?

Once we understand your design parameters, we will then create a custom template or shell design of your web page. It will be posted online for you to review. We'll discuss likes, dislikes, possible changes, additions, and modifications to the initial design. It's important at this stage to get the design exactly as you want it because it will serve as the style template for the remainder of the site. It takes 3-5 business days for this initial design

Once the template design meets your approval, it's time to move on to the construction phase of the project. Your design template, which was initially created as a single image, is now converted into HTML code. It would take 10 business days from here.

Website Maintenance

Does YPO maintain the website after going live?

Yes, we maintain your website and ensure that it us up. As part of the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) we help you in updating content, provide you Search Engine Optimization (SEO) along with monthly statistics, domain name renewal and hosting services. Social Media Optimisation (SMO) which includes setting up accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube etc. and posting content on these accounts as advised by you. Email Account Maintenance and more.

We will ensure that you need not worry about your online presence, once you sign up with us.