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Multimedia Health Education

Multimedia is creating a dynamic, visual presentation that catches your audience's attention and maintains their interest throughout the presentation. Multimedia integrates Audio and Video content and delivers maximum user experience.

Why Multimedia?

  • Replace or augment printed brochures
  • Our animated operations, conditions and anatomies can enhance your website's image and improve the practice-patient relationship through education.
  • Say and show much more than a flat printed brochure can demonstrate your practice
  • Easy to change and update as you add services or information.

Your Practice Online's combination of health professionals and the multimedia team have produced a variety of animated and interactive presentations. Click here to see some of our presentations.

Our Multimedia team can handle all of your media needs from Logo to Log-on. We have all the solutions for your needs; whether it is a logo design, a web site, a CD-ROM presentation or a full-blown corporate-identity package, which includes Instructional or training CD-ROMs, Practice Catalogue CD-ROMs, Practice Manual CD-ROMs and Promotional CD-ROMs. We have it all.

Our Multimedia team can enable your presentations in Power point, Flash, 3D Studio Max, Director, Author ware.

Click here to visit our multimedia showcase.

Why does a doctor need Patient Education?

A visually animated presentation helps the doctor to explain the patient's condition, the available treatment option and the approach. This could be a self playing video or an interactive Multimedia presentation.

Doctors can explain procedures and treatment options using Multimedia Patient Education. Patient would have a clear understanding as the visual impact is always better compared to charts and handouts.

Check our patient education material

How does Patient Education material help patients?

Education Material on the websites helps Patients educate themselves. They can view the information any time for their reference, as it is always available online.

Patients can understand and prepare for the procedures, view the pros and cons of the procedures, which would also help them consult the doctor for the best treatment options for them.

Patient Education Material can help patients get answers to all their questions that were not asked during consultation.

Check our Patient education material